Accessory Material

Accessory Sealing Material


The wire is used to close the object to seal and then use the sealing pliers for sealing them. supplies replacement dies for pliers, engravings with the year, references, etc. It also manufactures dies for sealing plastic seals (taximeters, tachographs) engraved in high relief.


Model: Ref ala300

Diameter: 1.1 mm
Length: 330m
Packing: Ring 1 Kg

Sealing wire

Material: Galvanized Steel
Characteristics: Steel core whith another coiled wire arround it.

Model: Ref Alaver

Diameter: 1.0 mm
Length: 400mm
Packing: Ring 1 Kg

Insulated Wire

Material: Galvanized steel
Characteristics: Green insulated sealed wire sealing thread with self-extinguishing insulating material.


Model: Ref AlaInox

Diameter: 1.1 mm
Length: 400mm
Packing: Ring 1 Kg

Stainless Steel Wire

Material: Stainless steel
Characteristics: Stainless steel crimped sealing wire for use in nautical, containers, ports, boats…


Model: Ref PUN8

Diameter: 15 mm
Length: 100 mm diam.
Engraving: 8mm

Steel Stamp

Material: tempered Steel 60 HRc
Characteristics: Custom steel stamp punch for hammer-marking with logo or text that allows fast marking of any object.


Models: Ref T1C T1E T2C T2E T3C T3E

Anonymous blocks, customized with texts or logos.

Die Replacement

Features: Replacement dies for pliers, dowel-shaped (anverse) and square (reverse). We also have square dies engraved with the year.


Model: Ref T1EMB

High relief engraved dies

High relief dies

Die to mark the plastic seals used for the sealing of taximeters and tachographs.



  1. Hi Sales,
    We are sourcing for sealing plier- customized die with our LOGO, stainless steel wires together with seal lead.

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